When we change the products we buy every day, we can change the planet.

That day is finally here.

By choosing products that are Made with Monolith™, we have the power — together — to minimize the impact our purchases make on the environment.

Welcome to a new day for the planet – and a new relationship between the products you buy and the health of the environment. Starting now, many of the products you’ve been purchasing for years, the products you rely on every day, can be made without harming the planet, sustainably, with virtually no greenhouse emissions.

One of the most significant environmental impacts we make individually is through the tires we drive on every day. When you choose tires that are Made with Monolith, you are driving on tires made with low-emission carbon blacks, which greatly reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere compared to conventionally manufactured tires. But without sacrificing safety, performance or affordability.

What is carbon black?

Carbon black is one of the most widely used industrial materials, necessary for the manufacture of countless products, from paint to plastics to tires. In fact, it is one of the top 50 materials used in the world. Traditionally, the production of carbon blacks uses combustion to convert oil into carbon, releasing large amounts of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

A leader in advanced, more sustainable manufacturing in the U.S., Monolith has innovated a process that uses renewable electricity instead of combustion to produce carbon blacks. Monolith is years ahead of any other company in making more sustainable, globally-used consumer products available for everyone.

How are tires Made with Monolith different?

Our proprietary process for producing carbon black virtually eliminates CO2 emissions compared to the traditional process.

When our expansion is complete, Monolith’s process is expected to prevent the release of several hundred thousand tons of CO2 per year. And that’s just the beginning.

Tires that are Made with Monolith use carbon blacks that are inherently low-emission, require less water and eliminate other damaging greenhouse gases.

Low water
SOx and NOx

Products Made with Monolith will touch our lives in countless ways.

The reason why products that are Made with Monolith will make such a huge, immediate and positive impact on the planet is simple — these products are woven into the everyday fabric of our lives. These are products we all use, we all need. These products truly reach everyone, all over the Earth. But now, they can be made with carbon black that does not release tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
Tires, batteries, plastics, paints, fuel cells, seals, belts & hoses
Plastics, electronics, batteries, wearables, cosmetics, carpet, wiring, paint & cleaners
Printer ink, phones, keyboards, server/WiFi components, monitors, furniture & wiring
*Monolith Carbon Blacks have the potential for use in the above applications, and others.

By choosing Made with Monolith, you’ll be choosing products that truly align with your concern for the planet.

It may seem that making progress against climate change is beyond your reach. But think of the difference we can make together. When we make our everyday products less harmful to the planet, greatly reducing the emissions they produce, and even move them toward a carbon-zero future.